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André Viégas
Founder of Pisco de Luz

The reality of a historic Quilombola community in the region of Chapada dos Veadeiros, in the state of Goiás, was the main driver of the project.  For generations, residents of the region have had no access to electricity.  This limits their daily productivity and social interactions and exposes them to various risks, such as animal attacks and breathing hazardous fumes from diesel oil lamps. These lamps, which they use to illuminate their homes at night have been the cause of a number of household fires in which families have lost everything they had.

Confronted with this scenario, we developed a low-cost solar-powered lighting system to install in their homes.  The solar kits consist of wires, LED lamps, a solar panel and a controller. The system also allows the monitoring of energy use through an app.  The goal is to give local residents the autonomy to install and maintain these kits independently.

Our solar energy model can also be easily replicated in other remote communities that still live without electricity. Pisco de Luz continues to welcome donations from individual members, as well as corporations and partners to obtain components for the kits and keep the project going.   

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring affordable, clean and sustainable lighting solutions to low-income households so that children and adults can forever extinguish diesel oil lamps, improve their health and preserve the environment for many generations to come.

Our Partnerships

Conselho        André Rodrigues Viegas - Presidente

Diretor            Inajara do Carmo - Vice-presidente

                        Sérgio  de Oliveira Barcellos - Diretor Executivo

                        Arthur Helloy Makoto Taniguchi - Presidente do Conselho Fiscal

                        Gustavo Costa Guimarães - Conselheiro do Conselho Diretor

Diretoria         Sergio de Oliveira Barcellos - Diretor Executivo

Executiva        Rubens Gasparello Pinheiro - Vice-presidente Executivo

                        Gustavo Rabelo Mariano - Secretário Executivo

                        Sheila Tamiozzo Prates - Suplente 

Conselho        Arthur Helloy Makoto Taniguchi - Presidente do Conselho Fiscal

Fiscal               Fabiana Botelho Conte - Conselheira

                        Larissa Aparecida de Souza e Silva - Conselheira

Diretor            Gustavo Rabelo Mariano


Our Partnerships

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