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Our Solar Kit Solution

With less than 2 hours of sunshine, the battery is fully charged and provides lighting for up to 5 nights!

Our kit is designed to bring minimum lighting to places with no access to an electricity grid.  The main goal is to provide low cost, reliable and regular lighting, even in long periods of rain. The kit consists of a small solar plate, an intelligent circuit and a rechargeable lithium battery detailed as follows: 

  • 1 10W solar panel

  • 1 8W lithium battery

  • 1 central module (capable of controlling up to 7 rooms)

  • 14 12v LED luminaires (60 lumens each)

  • 8 switches with signaling

  • Dozens of cables to connect all rooms to the central module

Please enter your information on the waiting list if you wish to be contacted as soon as our kits become available for individual sale.  

Illuminate our communities today!

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