Pisco de Luz sob as estrelas

Pisco de Luz assembles and installs solar-powered light kits in low-income communities with the help of volunteers.

Our Mission and Objective
Sign-up and make a difference
Volunteers at Pisco de Luz
Bringing Dignity
We transform the lives of families who still live without access to electricity. 
We install a small solar panel on the roof, an intelligent circuit, a battery, various lights and light switches throughout the homes.
Same kitchen before and after Pisco de Luz's solar kit installation:
Illumination with two diesel oil lamps
Illumination with Pisco de Luz's solar kit
Our story

Pisco de Luz contributes to three of United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals and it was also recognized as the project of the year in the field of technology by the Brazilian Academy of Merit Honors.  

Illuminate our communities today!

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